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Photos from the Canadian High Arctic featured on Daily Mail

In the late summer of 2014, I was fortunate enough to visit the Canadian High Arctic aboard the National Geographic Explorer. Although the trip ran into several logistical and weather challenges, we were able to change our plans and reach almost 80 degrees north. As a trip that had originally planned to transit the Northwest Passage, I feel that we traded up by instead visiting the northern stretches of Ellesmere Island. I have been the the Norwegian Arctic at the Svalbard Archipelago, but Ellesmere blew that right out of the water. The landscape and wildlife appeared much more intact and vibrant than Svalbard.

The Daily Mail UK picked up my collection of images from this voyage and published it in several locations.

My favorite shot of the trip, and still my favorite Arctic photo to date, is of the artfully decorated snow and blood-covered polar bear cubs. An artist couldn't have painted a more appealing path of blood.

hofman polar bears arctic

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